Hurricane Sandy's destruction has been thoroughly documented with a vast number of heartbreaking images, but few were as iconic as the Seaside Heights roller coaster dragged out to sea in New Jersey. It even made the cover of People (poor Katie Holmes and those old 40-year-old ladies had to make due with the corners). Now comes word that the coaster may be staying put, to become a tourist attraction.

Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers told NBC that he is working with the Coast Guard to see if the structure is stable enough to stay put. After all it would make "a great tourist attraction."

Of course, nobody will actually be riding the coaster, but it will make a stirring reminder of the power of Mother Nature and, arguably, the effects of global warming. Though we'd guess they'll have to put some kind of fencing around it, because you know some kids are going to want to swim out to it the minute the summer seasons restarts.

And on that topic: NBC also reports that "demolition crews have already finished removing all of the damaged boardwalk that was the heart and soul of this seaside resort" and that bushiness are getting going with rebuilding efforts. If you build it, they will come back...