091108statcop.jpegStaten Island's James Maniscalco allegedly spent the last couple years convincing his neighbors that he was an NYPD officer, outfitting his 2003 Impala with lights to look like an undercover car, wearing an authentic uniform, and flashing a gold shield at local delis to get free coffee and snacks. In reality, he was just a humble security guard who wanted a little respect. Neighbors say they became suspicious after they threw a going-away party for Maniscalco, who'd said he was being deployed to Iraq. Only he never left. And he apparently went too far last fall when he actually pulled someone over for speeding. That prompted a call to a real cop in the neighborhood, who happened to work in Internal Affairs. After a lengthy investigation, he was arrested Monday and charged with criminal impersonation and harassment. At least he finally got to ride in a real squad car!