A little after 8 a.m. this morning commuters on the already (always) packed L train were informed that trains were being delayed due to an investigation. The delay ended up taking about half an hour for the MTA to resolve—so what caused it? A door panel. No, really!

When we reached out the MTA to find out what had happened this is what they told us: "Around 807am, a Manhattan-bound L train in the 14th Street tunnel south of Bedford Ave came in contact with what appears to be a door panel in the tunnel."

When we asked for clarification as to what exactly this door panel is (was it a regular building door panel? An MTA room door panel? Something off a train?) all they told us was that it was a "A panel from a door in the tunnel, not a train door panel." We'd think they'd have those things pretty well secured by now considering how much work they do on those tracks, but what do we know? At least it wasn't left on the tracks by mole people on the march to expand their underground society...as far as we know.