2006_10_rogertime.JPGLast week, amNew York reported on Transit Workers Union president Roger Toussaint's ploy to raise re-election funds by selling various wares, including autographed pictures. Toussaint, though, wanted to dispute the public perception of him in the article, which had quotes from commuters outside of Penn Station. From today's AMNY:

So the Trinidad-native challenged amNewYork to walk the streets with him on his turf -- working class, outer borough neighborhoods. The cheers from working men and women, he predicted, would far outweigh the jeers. He allowed amNewYork to pick the neighborhoods.

"They perceive me as one of them," Toussaint said.

amNewYork spent the afternoon Monday with Toussaint riding the trains and walking through the neighborhoods of Astoria, Long Island City and Jackson Heights.

It almost sounds like a high concept comedy movie - embattled union president invites reporter for an afternoon of hijinks. And you know what? The people on "his turf" either don't know who he is or like him a lot - except for some lady who swore at him.

There's also hilarious video of the journey - check out Toussaint in his TWU Local 100 jacket while looking at subway maps and the group of school boys who are not only pro-Toussaint but pro-strike as well. And the Daily News reports that Toussaint's latest campaign tactic is to imply that a vote against him is playing into the MTA's and Pataki's hands.