Today, the Post has a story about how the notorious and colorful Republican strategist Roger Stone owes a lot in back taxes, "The Internal Revenue Service filed a $405,035 lien for unpaid income taxes against the consultant -- one of politics' most notorious dirty tricksters -- and his wife, Nydia, last fall in Dade County Circuit Court in Florida, records show." Naturally, Stone, who is an unpaid adviser to Carl Paladino's campaign, fired back, accusing the Post's Fred Dicker (one of the bylines on the story) of "slipping... Fred never lets the facts get in the way of a good tabloid story."

Stone, who has a strong distaste for Eliot Spitzer, explains on his website, "In today's New York Post Fred Dicker reports that my wife and I have a $405,000 tax lien from the IRS which pertains to our 2006 taxes. What Fred is well aware of and didn't report is that the matter is in dispute and an appeal has been filed with a hearing scheduled in 90 days!"

The Post story also mentions a source who claims Stone "has been suffering from 'widespread money problems' in the wake of the collapse of his partnership with Fort Lauderdale mega-scammer, Scott Rothstein." Which gives Stone reason to further blasts Dicker—who tussled with Paladino over the Post's coverage of Paladino's mistress and love child—"Generally despised by his colleagues in the Press for his healthy disregard for facts and careful omissions when promoting his agenda, Dicker's has taken up the cudgel for Democrat Andrew Cuomo in this year's race for Governor. When I had lunch with Dicker in Miami last year, I was surprised when he punched Andrew up on his speed dial of his cell phone and handed the phone over so Andrew could say hello."