Unsurprisingly, Republican strategist Roger Stone is critical of the feds not charging former governor Eliot Spitzer for soliciting a prostitute. Long before Hookergate, Stone may have called Spitzer a "phony, psycho piece of s---" (in a message to Spitzer's dad), and Stone has claimed he gave tips to the feds about Spitzer's hotel room activities. On "The Stone Zone", Stone writes Spitzer got off since he "is a former prosecutor and chief law enforcement officer of New York that he should have been prosecuted. When powerful politicians break the law with impunity, it only encourages official corruption. As Attorney General Eliot Spitzer prosecuted prostitution rings while he himself was patronizing one. Very clearly, he has violated federal money laundering statutes and the Mann Act by transporting a prostitute over state lines to engage in sexual acts. So, the central message of Watergate is wrong - some people are above the law."