Earlier this year Lou Reed ranted and raved over the proposed $346 million Sanitation Department facility on Spring Street. Now it's Mad Men's John Slattery (aka Roger Sterling) who is, well, mad over the city's plan, which the Daily News notes "would consolidate three sanitation districts, open up park space elsewhere, get trucks off the street into a garage and provide direct access to the West Side Highway."

But the common man's garbage in the backyard of celebrity homes?! (Reed and Slattery are joined by Laurie Anderson, Michael Stipe, James Gandolfini, Kirsten Dunst, Casey Affleck, Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly.) Slattery supports a new design by local architect Stas Zakrzewski, which is allegedly less of an eyesore and would cut the plan down to house only two districts; Slattery says it is environmentally smarter and could bring the pricetag down by $32 million to $72 million.

While he didn't mention if he was a part of the lawsuit against the city, he told the paper why he's speaking out against the facility, saying: "There are a lot of families in the neighborhood, and they haven't been taken into account in the designing of this facility. The air quality, the traffic, the noise [are all] going to be affected. There are people who have been living here for years. It's not a bunch of wealthy people who are just complaining that their views are going to be blocked. It's the actual livability of the neighborhood."