After going on Mike & Mike in the Morning to continue his denials of taking performance enhancing drugs, Roger Clemens decided to contact Houstonist (yes, part of the Gothamist family) and offered to take readers' questions: "The fans and the folks in Houston have always been great to Deb, the kids and me and we’re grateful for the support. I know a lot of baseball fans read the Houstonist and that they have asked questions about the false allegations against me. I welcome the chance to answer the questions of your readers." Yes, there are questions why Houstonist was picked as a follow-up to ESPN Radio, but Houstonist has confirmed the email's address with the Roger Clemens Foundation and until editor Jason Bargas gets to meet Clemens in person and see how he reacts to photos of Mike PIazza, we'll just assume it's legit. And Gothamist readers, you can pose your questions on the Houstonist post—your commenting usernames will work there, too.