A trip to the post office just became even more dreadful than usual! NY1 reports that residents of Brevoort East in Greenwich Village are complaining about rodent bites in their packages coming from their local Cooper Station Post Office on 4th Avenue.

One woman had her Costa Rican coffee beans noshed on by the critters, and says "twice it’s happened that I’ve gotten a call from the front desk to say that the package has arrived and has been eaten by rodents, with the beans even spilling out." They even claim there are often rat droppings inside of the packages. And just imagine how packages being sent out may be arriving at their destinations!

So what does the USPS have to say? In person, one unhappy customer says she was laughed at and told: "This is nothing! Wait until the holidays. These guys love chocolate." In a statement to NY1, however, they took on a more serious tone, saying, "We have a contract with a licensed pest control service to inspect and treat Cooper Station and post offices throughout the city on a regular basis. Records indicate, Cooper Station was last serviced on November 18th and no rodent activity was reported." Except they have been reported! Once the heat was on, the network says the pest control company was called in again.