2005_03_rockcenter.jpgSomething to look forward to this fall: The reopening of the observation deck at Rockefeller Center. The deck was closed in 1986, to accomodate a renovation of the Rainbow Room, and will now be the second highest, after the Empire State Building (the World Trade Center had been the highest). Reporter David Dunlap had this description of the view from Rockefeller Center:

Coney Island is still visible, marked on the southern horizon by the T-shaped profile of the Parachute Jump. Near the northern horizon, the Tappan Zee Bridge can be glimpsed at a turn in the Hudson River. Even during the snowstorm on Tuesday, there was a majesty to this place, lost in a howling whiteness through which Midtown's familiar spires and plateaus were recognizable only as ghostly gray shadows.

Tickets will cost $14, which is competitive with the $14.50 the ESB charges for adults (or maybe we're getting our facts wrong, because the NY Times says the ESB is $1 cheaper, but when we attempt to buy ESB tickets online, they seem to be $14.50), and Tishman-Speyer, the company that manages Rockefeller Center, is looking for ways to make sure visitors aren't waiting for too long, which, again, is what the ESB is also doing - films for people to watch while in line, advanced ticket purchases; plus they are bringing back pedestal-mounted binoculars. And for those of you who work at Rockefeller Center, there will be a separate entrance for the observation deck.

There are currently tours of Rockfeller Center's interior; go to the Rockefeller Center website for more information. Also, if you want an old-fashioned night on the town with stunning views, the Rainbow Room is a must.