The new space-age bathrooms that materialized in the Rockaways earlier this summer —the ones that cost the city $105 million for just 35 units—are already falling apart at the seams. And they haven't even seen winter!

“The insides are starting to rust and they leak all over the place,” one Rockaway lifeguard kvetched to DNAinfo. "The job was done like people didn't care, said another, adding "it's a monstrosity. It's a debacle.”

The city's Department of Design and Construction said they'd work to improve the condition of the already pricey-bathrooms, including cosmetic fixes like refinishing portions of the stainless steel surfaces that have already rusted away. The work, however, will not take place until after Labor Day, so proceed with caution as you relieve yourself—no wild flailing, no licking the hand rails. No one wants to contract tetanus from trying to pee.