2005_11_stabe89.jpgPaul Simon and Billy Joel's former tour manager was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend in his Upper East Side apartment yesterday. And it was his 57th birthday! Police arrested Kathleen Connors, who was neighbors say was covered in blood from a vicious fight with Danny Harrison, who had been producing shows for the Food Network recently. Harrison lived at 530 East 89th Street, right near Gracie Mansion. A neighbor had called the police to report that there was a "violent dispute," and tells the Times that "it sounded as if Ms. Connors was being assaulted by Mr. Harrison."

Connors and Harrison had been dating for four months, with Connors moving in a month ago; the building super said that Harrison had loud arguments with his previous girlfriend. The NY Times describes Connors as the companion, but the Post goes all out and headlines her as the "hooker lover" (later a "prostitute girlfriend").