2006_09_continental.jpgYorktown resident Ann Marie Ciarcia was charged with DWI after a car crash on Monday morning that left her daughter's friend dead. Ciarcia and her 15 year old daughter Alexa had attended a show at the Continental Club in the East Village Sunday night. They ran into Alexa's friend, Emily Cornish (who had been at the Save Darfur rally earlier in the day) and gave Cornish a ride back to Yorktown with them. Ciarcia was driving north on a southbound lane on the Saw MIll River Parkway when she hit another car. Cornish, sitting in the back without a seatbelt on, was killed, while Ciarcia and Alexa - wearing seatbelts - were injured.

The Post says Ciarcia has a MySpace account (she does) and that the police are investigating it:

On it, Ciarcia says her occupation is, "Roccer Mom" who is "just an old fangirl rediscovering my punk rock roots after being bored in the burbs for years."

Ciarcia posted photos of herself and several young teens at Ramones concerts and at protests over the closing of the Lower East Side punk bastion CBGB.

The caption on a photo of Ciarcia and three girls standing in front of a wall of graffiti reads, "Just another hard night entertaining the kids."

A friend of Alexa, who was visiting her in the hospital, told the Post, "She can't help it if her mother's an idiot."