proprietor Adam alerted us last week to a swarm of robots in Midtown. "Oh, please," we scoffed and then demanded some photographic proof. Well, Adam delivered the goods, with some striking images of Robosapiens. Apparently, Robosapiens was launching the "affordable humanoids" ($99) in local stores, like Sharper Image. And according to the website, the Robosapiens can "pick-up, throw, kick, dance, kung-fu, fart, belch, and rap." Luckily, they are just 14" tall, or else Gothamist would be freaked out by the I, Robot possibilities (apparently robots go crazy in I, Robot, form huge posses and chase action stars around Chicago). But at the 14" height, you could build an army for your toddler, cat, dog, or Roomba.

Thanks for the photo, Adam. We owe you a slice.