2005_10_robot3.jpgGrowing up in Brooklyn, we always enjoyed having our birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese-- there was one out by the mall in Coney Island. One of the best parts was the pizza party, where those weird Chuck-E-Cheese animatronic robots would get up and sing happy birthday. Years later, as we spend another birthday swilling gin at some LES stinkhole, we think back to those innocent robotic birthday parties, and mourn the loss of our innocence. Until this year, that is-- courtesy of Boing-Boing we've discovered Robot Village on West 81st Street, where they'll host your own robot building birthday party:

Celebrate your child’s special occasion with a Robot Party at Robot Village! Each party includes a hands-on demonstration with a variety of robots and a choice of robotic themed activities, including building and decorating motorized robots. Includes party favor for birthday child and everyone gets to take home the robot they create. Party options such as decorations, food, and more complex activities are available.

We're not sure about their position on having a bunch of drunk 30-somethings up in their store for a party, but for the right price they might be willing to do it. If your birthday isn't coming up, you still might want to check out their online store, where you can buy robot kits, robot apparel, and more.