A 50-year-old Jersey man has been issued a summons for leaving the scene of an accident—specifically an accident in which he allegedly hit the car of Howard Stern's trusty 59-year-old co-host Robin Quivers. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon when Quivers was driving north on Route 9.

At about 3:45 p.m. Quivers' car was struck by a car with South Carolina plates. The car quickly fled and cops were called to the scene. Luckily witnesses were able to provide a description of the vehicle and police were able to find the car's driver, Robert Crockett. According to police Crockett admits he lost control of his vehicle, hit Quivers' car and fled the scene. He was issued tickets for leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, reckless driving and operating an unregistered vehicle.

No injuries were reported. But it was apparently a dramatic incident—here's MarksFriggin's recap of how Quivers described it on Monday:

Robin said she has to talk about how she almost got killed yesterday. Howard said yesterday would have been better than on Thursday or Friday. Robin said she was in a car accident. She said this guy came out of a parking lot or a side street like a maniac and he lost control of his car and hit her. She said he did a 360 and hit her. Howard asked why she didn't slow down. Robin said she did but he was spinning in front of her. She said that he tried to make the turn shorter and he turned in the middle of the road. She said she was the only car there but he spun around and he plowed into the driver side of her car. Robin said his car was stopped but then he hit the gas and slammed into her. Howard asked if she has any injuries. Robin said her thumb got jammed but other than that she's okay. She said that he backed up and drove off after all of that. Robin said that some people saw it happen and they got his license plate number. She said it was a South Carolina plate. Robin said that he was so crazy that he ran the wrong way down a one way street. Robin said that she's not sure if the cops got him or not.

Quivers also said that the Barnegat police were great.