Conservative columnist and former TV pundit Robert Novak died early this morning in his Washington home after a battle with brain cancer. The Joilet, Illinois native became a major journalistic player with the syndicated "Inside Report" column, which he started in 1963 with the late Rowland Evans Jr. He subsequently became a familiar television personality, appearing often on CNN. A registered Democrat despite his conservative views, Novak was heavily criticized by some Republicans for opposing America's 2003 invasion of Iraq. Neoconservative writer David Frum labeled him an "Unpatriotic Conservative," along with Pat Buchanan. Novak was also at the center of the great CIA leak scandal that dragged on for years after he identified Valerie Plame as a CIA "operative" in his column in 2003. Some referred to Novak as a "journalistic Prince of Darkness," but to his wife Geraldine he "was someone who loved being a journalist, loved journalism and loved his country and loved his family." Timothy Carney at Human Events has filed a remembrance of his collaboration with Novak.