A Staten Island robbery suspect walked out of a courtroom a free man after he impersonated a detainee facing lesser charges. Freddie Thompson—who was supposed to be arraigned for five robberies—pretended to be a suspect held on marijuana possession charges and was sentenced to time served. Authorities apparently didn't realize the gaffe until 90 minutes later, when the other prisoner asked officials why his name hadn't been called.

Thompson, who according to the Daily News was once arrested for attempted murder but pleaded guilty to a lesser charges, responded when a Corrections Department officer called the name of the drug suspect in a holding cell. He then went before Judge Alan Meyer, pleaded guilty according to the Post, and walked out of the Richmond County Criminal Court yesterday at around 3:10 p.m.

According to the Advance, Thompson was accused of gunpoint robberies in which he demanded money, and sometimes drugs from his victims. He is described as 6'3'', 200 lbs, with a tattoo of an executioner on his arm. In recent months, a Staten Island robbery suspect escaped from a perp walk (on video!), and a man accused of beating his girlfriend and assaulting a police officer escaped from a Bronx court by impersonating a man suspected of driving with a suspended license.