A robbery suspect died this past weekend after jumping off the FDR Drive offramp, in a botched attempt to evade the cops.

On Saturday night, police received a call about a robbery at 224 York Street, in Brooklyn. (It was thought to be a purse theft, according to NBC News.) When the cops arrived there, they found the suspect, a man, driving in a Honda with a passenger. He tried to evade them, crashing into an NYPD car in the process, and then drove over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

According to the NYPD, the man tried to exit at the offramp towards the FDR but abruptly made a U-turn (The police reportedly had the exit ramp blocked off). The man drove southbound into northbound traffic, where he hit a second police car. He then got out of the Honda, and, according to the New York Post, yelled "I'm not going back to jail!" right before jumping off the ramp.

He landed on the ground, on Pearl Street. EMS took the suspect to Bellevue Hospital, where he died the next day from his injuries.

It's unclear what became of the other passenger in the car, and how they knew each other, though the NYPD tells Gothamist that "they were known to each other."