2008_11_chinatownro.jpgIn broad daylight, a group of masked robbers stole over $27,000 from a travel agency in Chinatown. May Chow owner of Golden Express Agency, which runs a low cost bus line and is located at 15 Division Street, told the NY Times, "One of them jumped over the counter and said: ‘This is a holdup, I’m not kidding. Where is the safe?’ I told him there is no safe in the office.” She brought them money from her bag, but the robbers, who seemed to be aged 14 to 19, spotted envelopes with money from the weekend's earnings. The robbers tied up the employees, cutting Chow's face in the process, and told them not to attempt to get help any time soon. But the victims managed to break free and call the police. Chow doesn't believe the robbery was related to bus line competition, "I think it’s just random. They’re really young guys.”