2006_05_deliveryman.jpgThe case of the the three delivery men who have been threatened by a fake customer who then proceeds to rob them makes us wonder. The NY Post has some more details about the robberies, with the overarching M.O. being to request that the restaurant's delivery man bring change for a $100 bill - only for him to greet them with a knife. The robber has used three addresses on the Upper East Side, two at East 81st Street and one on East 82nd, to lure the delivery men from area restaurants. (He stole money from an Frankie's and Mocca delivery man and stole clothes, the bike, and money from a Chirpring Chicken delivery man as well as a delivery man from the Ritz Diner.) We wonder if Upper East Side restaurants will demand that deliveries be made outside in the open. And who would have that kind of access to three different apartments? Apparently all apartments were empty.

Photograph by Tommy Lane on Flickr