2006_03_chase.jpgUpper East Side Chase ATM users are on their guard, as a robber has held up four people in the last three weeks. The robber has approached victims at the Lexington and 72nd Street location three times and once at the Third Avenue and 79th branch, sometimes threatening to kill the victims, though he has never show a weapon. While some people feel the 72nd Street and Lexington ATM is "dark and secluded," one person told ABC 7, "It doesn't make sense why you are using an ATM in the evening and getting cash and walking by yourself." Well, it doesn't necessarily make the best safety sense, but people do use ATMs at deserted banks - sometimes they feel they are better than the random ones at bodegas - but this is a good reminder to try to make sure you visit the ATM during the day. Luckily no one has been hurt, as it sounds like they are doing what they should be: Just handing over their money and not putting up a fight, but then reporting the crime. And the police think the robber used a cab after one haul - no mass transit after raking in the fast dough!

Here's the NY State ATM safety law, which says there needs to be adequate lighting.