2006_05_ev.jpgA man who robbed an East 3rd Street apartment a week ago returned and sexually assaulted the woman living there. The thief-turned-attacker claimed to be returning the stolen property, so the woman let him into her apartment. The Post reports that after threatening her with a kitchen knife and assaulating her, the robber said, "By the way, I'm the guy who burglarized your apartment last week." The Daily News says that victim's apartment had been robbed twice in the past month, and other tenants say people get into the building by claiming to have deliveries. It's pretty rare that tenants leave their apartments to go downstairs and pick up unexpected deliveries, but maybe there is more reason to do that.

Both tabloids get quotes from an 18 year old tenant who just moved in from Austin: "I've only been living here three days. I'm freaked out and I'm kind of in shock still" and "I thought this is a good neighborhood." Welcome to the neighborhood - nothing is ever safe.