It's so cute when billboards can become best friends. The Nasdaq and Reuters billboards, on opposite sides of Broadway at West 43rd Street, are teaming up to sell their ad space together. In other words, one advertiser can own both boards, a combined 17,000 square foot of video space. Reuters explained, "We're neighbors, we look at each other's buildings all day every day, we got to talking and realized the power of the two together was probably more powerful than the power of them separately." Plus, charging people more is fun. Anyway, the real question is will people in Times Square really notice, amidst all the visual noise, but we suspect some other billboard owners may try to link up their resources. Personally, we hope that the dual screens will appeal to an advertiser who will let people play games with against each other with their cellphones or at a kiosk.

Next thing you know, building owners outside of Times Square that sell space on their building walls will partner up and create canyons dedicated to one advertiser - for a big price.