Yesterday's sighting of a DOT warning that "New York is Dying" apparently had less to do with the city's decaying infrastructure and was more likely the handiwork of hacker(s) who had their way with road signs in Manhattan yesterday. Commenters yesterday pointed us to a January posting on iHacked that gave simple instructions on how to manipulate the roadside messages as well as the fact that the Diggnation founders had just mentioned it (and even gave out the signs' default password!) this past week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Three separate users on flickr tagged "Gothamist" onto photos with the above road sign, taken on the corner of East Houston and Lafayette Streets. The last photo indicates that the hacked message made it into the night without being changed. Below is the clip with the Diggnation guys. If any Floridians know exactly what a "shit bird" is, we'd love to hear it. And we're still waiting for confirmation on what time we should stop by Julie's.