Evan Potts was in court today for a routine conference on his upcoming manslaughter trial for fatally running over Ian Sharinn after a road rage confrontation in Long Beach a couple weeks back. Sharinn's family was there to meet face-to-face with the 22-year-old Potts, who claims that he panicked and drove into Sharinn when the victim was yelling at him and banging on his vehicle while Potts was stopped at a red light. WCBS 2 says that a witness believes it was an accident, "Someone else in our building gave the same account of the story." Potts has been out of jail for a week after posting $500,000 bond. Speculation is that parents of the Queens College student had to mortgage their home in order to raise the money. Outside court Evan Potts told a reporter, "All I have to say is I'm glad to be out to defend myself against these charges." A "Free Evan Potts" Facebook group has almost 700 members an is discussing a possible benefit concert.