2006_12_dykerheights.gifIn the otherwise bucolic Brooklyn neighborhood of Dyker Heights (especially at Christmas with all the elaborate Christmas setups), a man was beaten and shot yesterday afternoon in what police believe was a road rage incident. George Fattakhov and a friend were driving around in their Lexus around 66th Street and 10th Avenue when the incident occurred. The passenger told the NY Times what happened:

As the two were driving through Dyker Heights, a shiny white Cadillac Escalade abruptly cut them off. Heated words were exchanged, but after a few moments Mr. Fattakhov drove off. As he and his friend drove away, they noticed the Cadillac following. At a red light, the driver of the Cadillac — described as a white man with a dark ponytail — jumped out with a bat and swung at Mr. Fattakhov’s car.

Mr. Fattakhov hopped out to protect the car but was attacked by the driver of the Cadillac, who hit him with the bat, the friend said. At that point, Mr. Fattakhov’s friend got out of the Nissan and threatened to call the police. Incensed, the driver of the Cadillac pulled a gun from his waistband, jammed it into Mr. Fattakhov’s waist, and pulled the trigger, the friend said. As Mr. Fattakhov lay bleeding, the man got back in his Escalade and took off.

Yikes! Fattakhov is in critical condition at Lutheran Medical Center. His brother told the Daily News, "What kind of person has a bat and a gun in his car? He was prepared. He was hunting for something." Perhaps intentionally cutting off someone in order to hunt?

Photograph of Dyker Heights Christmas display by Bluejake