A severe case of road rage sent one man into police custody yesterday after he allegedly threw "an unknown blunt object" into a southbound M101 bus in Harlem during rush hour. On the plus side the object—which did not end up hurting anyone—was not the bullet that police initially feared it was.

According to authorities around 6 p.m. the M101 was going southbound on Lexington Avenue near 116th Street when a Chevy Impala cut off the bus, according to authorities. "There was a short exchange, and the driver behind the wheel of the car rolled down the window and threw 'an unknown blunt object' at the bus driver, breaking a window on the bus, police say."

Though there were passengers on the bus nobody was hurt by the broken glass. Just to be sure, however, the bus driver was taken for observation. Meanwhile police, who originally were told the bus had been shot at, soon found the Chevy and its driver at East 112th Street between Second and Third Avenues and took the him into custody, the NYPD said. The driver said the bus had cut him off.

But hey! At least nobody was punched in the face or burned by hot coffee.