Columbia's campus

A Columbia freshman was stabbed in Riverside Park last night. Michael Marquez was walking through the park at 115th Street around midnight when a man jumped out of the bushes and demanded Marquez's wallet. Marquez, a track and field athlete, started to run, but the attacker grabbed his clothes and stabbed him in the back after the two scuffled. The Post reports that doctors at St. Luke's-Roosevelt said the knife "grazed his kidney." Luckily, Marquez will be all right.

Riverside Park is a truly beautiful park, but as with any park, it's not a great idea to walk in it when it's dark or late at night. Even if you think you're tough and ready for confrontation, why tempt fate - just walk along the streetlights of Riverside, or better yet, Broadway, if it's late out. The incident reminds Gothamist of Vendela Vida's book, And Now You Can Go, when a Columbia graduate student is held up by a disturbed man in Riverside Park.

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