Territorial gang warfare between gun-toting teens has been escalating and terrorizing citizens all over the city lately, from East New York to the Bronx. Since September, a rivalry between two such gangs, 2MF (2 Mafia Family) and 40 Wolvez, has claimed the lives of at least two teens, age 18 and 15, and no one has been willing to speak about what's going on. One veteran cop told NY Magazine, “A few years ago, you would see kids 19, 20 years old. Now these kids are babies—15, 14—and they are vicious. They will shoot you in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.”

Based on a long listing of the many different gangs in Harlem, 2MF operate out of the Drew Hamilton Houses, near W 144th street and 8th avenue, while the 40 Wolvez are down the block on W 140th st. Police believe the turf battle between the two led to the death of 2MF member Jeffrey Bradshaw, 18, who was shot dead on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd; and George White, 15, who was killed twelve days later, leaving a party after Bradshaw's wake. Neighbors tell the Daily News that shootings are a regular occurrence in their neighborhood, "but no one is saying anything." There has not been much written about the two groups, but one can easily find MySpace accounts for many teens affiliated with the groups, and get a sense of their world.

One mother of three, Maria Sille, told the News that she is planning to move her children (currently ages 3, 6 and 13) away from the street as soon as she can, revealing just how perilous the situation can be. "I'll move anywhere. My son is 13. At that age, I don't want him out after 7 p.m. If I don't take my son out of here, the gangs will take him."