Earlier this week, the Coalition for the Homeless released its State of the Homeless report. The report showed increases in the number of homeless in shelters (up 11.1%), number of homeless families in shelters (up 17.6%) and number of homeless children (up 18.1%). The Coalition said, "From the beginning we have supported Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of ending chronic homelessness as well as his emphasis on permanent housing over temporary shelter for homeless families. But these numbers make it clear that the Mayor’s five year plan needs a mid-course correction."

The Coalition noted that some problems were inherent in the city's housing program Housing Stability Plus that reduces the amount of rental assistance and requires recipients to stay on welfare - and not work - among other problems. Besides reforming Housing Stability Plus, the Coalition recommends the city should expand housing assistance, such as targeting more city-funded apartment to homeless families and individuals.

Mayor Bloomberg said on his radio show, "Numbers are up. Disappointed. Trying to address it. You know, big problem... And if the economy slows down, it's going to be even more of a challenge." The Coalition for the Homeless' Mary Brosnahan told the Daily News, "
It's refreshing that the mayor is willing to acknowledge that there are real problems in his homeless strategy."