Okay, so a epitaph might be slightly premature for the Jets' West Side Stadium dreams, but with State Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver putting the kibosh on developing the West Side while his Lower Manhattan molts, it's pretty much certain that the Jets will stay in New Jersey, leaving NYC football-less. And it's unlikely that NYC's 2012 Olympic bid will continue to be a serious contender, since the bid has been contingent on the stadium. State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno was against the stadium as well, but he would have supported the plan if the IOC had awarded NYC the Olympics, which is pure politician magic: "If this happens, then we can do this...if if if if." So, where does this leave New Yorkers? Many are relieved (no more so than the Dolans and possibly Bruce Ratner), while some are upset (billionaire Woody Johnson as well as union workers).

Sports writer Mike Lupica thinks that Sheldon Silver gave the speech of his life yesterday, in outlining why he thinks the West Side Stadium is a bad idea. Perhaps, but Gothamist isn't totally convinced that building a West Side Stadium would mean moving the financial capital of NYC from Lower Manhattan to the West Side. What's interesting is that the Post calls the loss "humiliating" for Mayor Bloomberg; while it was basically the linchpin of his plans for the future of New York, Gothamist thinks the NY Times' news analysis is a bit more enlightening, noting that city-state politics were also at play in dooming the project. Newsday speculates that while Bloomberg has lost this project, his opponents have been "robbed" of a topic to clobber him with.