In June, we met a 30lb fat cat named Sponge Bob, who was brought to the Animal Haven Shelter in SoHo after his elderly owner had to go into hospice. The vastly overweight Sponge Bob was quickly put onto a diet, and was soon adopted by newlyweds Courtney and Matthew Farrell. Unfortunately, the couple had to put Sponge Bob down last week due to a mass around his heart that was putting pressure on his lungs. Here's a video tribute they made to him:

Sponge Bob, a ginger tabby, had been as big as a four-year-old child when the Farrells got him, but they were able to knock him down to 26 pounds with a dieting routine. They started a blog to chart Sponge Bob's progress, and noted how much happier he seemed as he started to shed the pounds:

That said, we can tell he loves being a little lighter. Every day he’s trying to jump on higher pieces of furniture (first step- ottoman, next step- couch), has a bit more energy and moves his legs a little easier. No more stiff, bloaty, hobbling kitty. We’re making real progress here.

In the post explaining his illness and death, the couple wrote: "This has been one of the hardest things I have ever experienced, and certainly the most difficult thing Matt and I have had to endure as a couple...He was so affectionate and lovable, the perfect companion — and he gave us so much more than we could ever have given him." You can watch video of Sponge Bob's first television appearance below.