2005_03_pancho.jpgSome downtown residents mourned the loss of a two year old rooster who made friends with the Chinese and Puerto Ricans in the neighborhood (he was crushed by his "owner"'s car - accidentally). The NY Times said the rooster held "Ludlow Street in thrall". Gothamist found an exchange about what to do with the rooster's body telling and we liked this description:

"People would say, 'I feel like I'm in Puerto Rico,'" said Chico Soto, who is a warehouseman for Smart Food, a restaurant supply company down the block from Loi's garage. It looked liked a fighting cock, he said. "I know how they look. It had that fighting look: big body, tall, long legs."

Was it more of a Puerto Rican rooster or a Chinese rooster? "A Puerto Rican rooster," Mr. Soto said. "It would eat Spanish food most of the time." He said the rooster was named Pancho. (Loi claims it had no name.)

Gothamist likes how the Times made sure to note his name might have been Pancho, but perhaps not, in the caption.

The NY Times' former food critic and current book reviewer, William Grimes, befriended a chicken in Queens and wrote a book about it.

Photo from the NY Times