The self-proclaimed inventor of punk rock, Malcolm McLaren, has died at the age of 64. According to the NY Times, his companion Young Kim confirmed his death, saying it was from mesothelioma. While the Times reports he died at hospital in Switzerland, the Independent is reporting he was in New York.

McLaren's spokesman told them, "He had been suffering from cancer for some time, but recently had been full of health, which then rapidly deteriorated. He died in New York this morning. We are expecting his body to be brought back to London and buried in Highgate Cemetery.”

During his lifetime he owned a shop called Sex with former girlfriend Vivienne Westwood, lived in both NYC and London, and managed both the NY Dolls and the Sex Pistols (who were known as The Strand when he first started out with them), and had his own solo career. He would later become embroiled in court battles with Johnny Rotten over the Sex Pistols' contract rights, which Rotten won back in 1987.