It's not infrequent to find a crosswalk signal blinking mixed messages, but last week the Daily News found malfunctioning devices all over the place, from Morningside Heights to Times Square to the East Village. This comes a year after Councilwoman Gale Brewer pointed out the hazard... and how long before the apocalypse?

Now the paper reports that the signals are all in working order again; Scott Gastel, a city Department of Transportation spokesman, told them, "Once we become aware of them, we go out and fix them." He advises pedestrians to call 311 if they notice a busted signal—the devices apparently only have 7 year life cycles, and—jaywalkers beware—most were installed in 2003! (Apparently newer models on their way.)

No word on if the new models will help the visually impaired, however—in Canada some cities have installed bird chirping sounds as an extra alert.