A piece of Soho advertising that had become a familiar and even beloved sight is gone from its Houston at Broadway spot: Bowery Boogie reports, "As of this morning, the DKNY mural at the corner of Houston and Broadway is gone. Painted a shade of brown. Although, the former lettering is still somewhat visible."

The wall is being painted brown by the building's new anchor retail tenant, Hollister—it will look something like this. Community Board 2 chairman Brad Hoylman said of the DKNY mural earlier this year, "While there's some nostalgia for the DKNY sign, it's not exactly the Domino Sugar factory." One resident said to NY1 last week, "It's going to be sad to see the World Trade Center not there, because it's like a reminder of the towers and a reminder of what the city used to look like." The DKNY mural after the jump:

Photograph by wallyg on Flickr