Feld Entertainment, the company that runs Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, has just been slapped with a $270,000 fine for allegations that they violated federal animal welfare laws—this is the largest fine ever doled out under the Animal Welfare Act. Naturally, PETA, who released video of Ringling elephants being abused back in 2009, is celebrating the news. A spokesperson there said, "The government has taken a first step, and now it must confiscate the elephants. What remains to be done is for the public to be made aware of this history of abuse so that people will know to keep their children away from the circus.”

For their part, the Feld family promises to work "with the USDA in a cooperative and transparent manner that meets our shared goal of ensuring that our animals are healthy and receive the highest quality care."

They've also been ordered to hire a staff member dedicated to AWA compliance, and to train animal-handling employees. But will they be ordered to stop the elephant parade?