This might be the most reassuring phone call anyone could get while being robbed - a call from the police. Police were able to catch three men who robbed a pawn shop after getting a tip from an informant. When the police saw the robbers enter the Five Boroughs Pawn Shop in Queens, they called the store to reassure the employees to stay calm (which they did, even though one of the robbers was holding a gun to one of the employees). It's impressive that the manager was able to pick up the phone and say "we're being robbed" in the midst of all that, too, but maybe the robbers were distracting by grabbing loot.

The Daily News reports when the robbers left the pawn shop, cops "sprang out from every direction." The thieves dropped $12,000 of stolen property, plus their gun, outside the store and then dropped another $2,000 as they were running down the street. All three men were apprehended and charged with robbery.