200712diapers.jpgWhat happens when more than one million people pack in to Times Square to watch the ball drop (and spend all day long awaiting the 60-second plunge)? For one thing, there are long bathroom lines, if not a complete lack of bathrooms all-together. The NY Post reports that many channeled the spirit of Baby New Year and one of 2007's big news stories: Lisa Nowak.

"I wear a diaper," the 30-year-old musician from Tokyo proudly declared, adding that his traveling pals, brothers Taro and Shinsuke Koyama, used the same strategy.

"I asked a girl to join us," said Shinsuke, also 30. "She said I was crazy, and she didn't want to wear one."

Those who wouldn't wear diapers vowed to "hold it all day" lest they lose their precious spot. Others stopped on their way to the "Crossroads of the World" to wait in nearby long lines before claiming their standing room in the Square. While there were seemingly no major incidents that took place last night, we're betting there were plenty of public urination fines given out.

Photo via NY Post.