2006_06_ring.jpgIf you've ever accidentally thrown something away in the trash, take heart. The Daily News reports that a Staten Island man accidentally threw out his wife's 3.5 carat diamond ring, but was able to call the Department of Sanitation, who let him follow the truck to New Jersey (yes, yes, that's the smell). We love how sanitation worker Carlo Tanutco and others helped Goldstein sort through "dozens of black garbage bags, piled more than 7 feet high" for an hour until they found Goldstein's yellow Shop-Rite bags - and the ring inside them. Note to anyone: Have very recognizable garbage bags - and a car handy to go to the transfer station to sort through them. But if your building incinerates trash, you're outta luck.

And two other things: This would be a totally sick but funny proposal idea (dumpster diving meets engagement story of a lifetime) and one should never put their worldly possessions in napkins on kitchen counters.