Rikers inmates are not pleased that their late-night privileges are being taken from them.

As of Monday, jail brass are instating a new 9 p.m. curfew—two hours earlier than the current 11 p.m. curfew—in response to a wave of violence, the most recent instance having occurred earlier this week when one inmate stabbed another. But the earlier bedtime will also cut into the inmate's cherished TV watching time, during which they gather around the screen and take in Spanish telenovelas featuring scantily clad women, the Post reports.

“They only watch the Spanish novellas for the hot chicks," a source told the tabloid. "They can’t watch porn, so this is the closest thing to it,” the source said. “Most of the inmates can’t even understand a lick of Spanish, but they will be upset and refuse to lock in at that time."

Sources within Rikers speculate that guards are going to have an even tougher time controlling inmates once they're all pissed off, in unison, with gangs reportedly having forged a temporary truce until the later curfew is restored.

“We’re expecting pushback...maybe riots,” one supervisor told the Daily News. “All it will do is change the time the acts of violence occurs.”

The incident from this week left the injured inmate with a puncture wound to the chest and left ribs. In total, there are have been nearly 50 inmate stabbings and slashings this year, compared to just 17 in 2007.

“Getting to watch these shows is a big deal for these guys because they have nothing else,” the Post's source said. “If you take that away, they’re going to snap and respond in a violent matter.”