Six months after a U.S. attorney threatened to sue New York City for allowing "a deep-seated culture of violence" to prevail on Rikers Island, the New York Times reports that very little has changed.

In 2014, the same year that Mayor de Blasio appointed the reformer Joseph Ponte as Commissioner of the Correction Department, guards used force against inmates 4,074 times—a number unseen in more than a decade, even though the prison population has declined drastically.

The Times reports that from August through December of 2014, guards severely injured inmates 62 times; in 70% of those cases, inmates suffered blows to the head. Cover-ups on the part of the Correction Officers are still "commonplace" (and it's still pretty easy to smuggle in contraband).

If the Correction Officers weren't beating inmates in 2014, they were neglecting them.

One such inmate, Victor Woods, died on Oct. 1 from abdominal bleeding as a guard stood over him drinking a cup of coffee. According to an investigative report, it was other inmates who stepped in to help, “comforting him, cleaning his face and helping him to an upright position.” The report quoted the guard, Wickenson DeMaitre, as saying, “I am not touching him.” The report also noted that guards were slow to notify medical staff, who took 11 minutes to arrive.

In a statement to the paper, the Department of Correction said, "It takes time to undo decades of mismanagement. We are, however, on our way to a jail system that is safer and more humane.”