A correction officer at Rikers snapped this priceless photo of another guard fast asleep in her chair while a grinning inmate hovers over, mere inches from her big Barney Fife keys. The sleeping officer, Nadja Green, has been at Rikers for over four years, and one source describes her as "the Precious of Corrections," a reference to the movie about a teen from a dysfunctional family. The mother of several children, Green reportedly worked 96 hours of overtime this month. So isn't it kind of a dick move to photograph her while she catches a few hard-earned z's? Green's union thinks so!

Correction Officer Benevolent Association spokesman Michael Skelly tells the Post, "Many correction officers are forced to work 70 to 80 hours of mandatory overtime. Since we don't know the particular circumstances of that particular officer, we are not going to condemn her. She may have been sick. We believe it was highly suspect for the other officer to take a picture and potentially jeopardize her safety." Nevertheless, Green has been placed on modified duty and may face disciplinary action, and the officer who took the photo, Claudel Barrau, is now on modified duty, too.

But Rikers Island—where correction officers were indicted earlier this year for allegedly supervising a prisoner "fight club" that resulted in one inmate's death—is also for lovers. Correction Officer Doreen Baker, 39, may be fired for carrying on an "improper relationship" with a 39-year-old inmate identified only as "Hunter," when she supervised his work detail. Investigators say Hunter called Baker more than 170 times while in jail, and then moved in with her after his release in March 2008. In a recent ruling obtained by the Daily News, a judge recommended that Baker be terminated for fraternizing with a prisoner, which, apparently, is frowned upon. So no napping, no fighting, no loving—can't COs have any fun?