A captain and an officer at Rikers Island have been charged with assault after allegedly beating an 18-year-old inmate in December.

Medzid Kolenovic, a captain, and Jean Destine, a prison guard, are accused of luring 18-year-old inmate Ambirorix Celedonio into a supply closet at Rikers' Robert N. Davoren Complex on December 9th, then beating him bloody. Celedonio and Kolenovic reportedly got into an argument in the mess hall, where Celedonio worked—that led to the alleged beating. Kolenovic and Destine are accused of taking Celedonio into a supply closet before assaulting him, knowing the incident would not be caught on camera.

Prosecutors say the officers pepper-sprayed Celedonio and left him with bruising to his face and forehead. Later, the officers lied "on their use of force incident reports,” according to prosecutors. Kolenovic also allegedly falsified work compensation records, claiming he sustained injuries to his torso and hands in the incident.

Celedonio, who was being held on a gang assault charge, has an IQ of only 65. He has since been released from Rikers, and his case is sealed.

Kolenovic and Destine have pleaded not guilty. Their attorneys claim they were acting in self-defense.