The Campaign Finance Board's records show that Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields has not reimbursed her government drivers for driving her to campaign events. Newsday points out that Fields hasn't "paid for gas or parking used during those appearances" and that in the past week, only two of her many events were job-related. Fields' campaign manager, Chung Seto, claims that the drivers/city will be reimbursed, but she doesn't know why it's taking so long. Just like she didn't know why the flyer was Photoshopped, eh? Actually, the practice of using a city government car for campaign events is common, as long as the city is reimbursed is common (City Council Speaker had his police detail drive him around). Congressman Anthony Weiner's campaign took the opportunity to say that while he has a congressional car, Weiner uses his own hybrid car to get to campaign events.

And while former Bronx BEEP Fernando Ferrer is about to get an endorsement from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the NY Times has an article about how his friend Manuel Gonzalez had asked for campaign contributions in exchange for favors in 2001. The Manhattan DA's office had tapped Gonzalez's phone because they felt there were some parallels to disgraced State Senator Guy Velella's dealings, but nothing damning was found. Ferrer's own campaign launched some new ads that got Mayor Bloomberg upset (something about Ferrer not using the right data). We expect to see the candidates out in full force this weekend, trying to encourage Democrats to head to the primary and passers-by surreptiously throwing out their flyers at the next trash can.