2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgThis morning when we awoke to the transit strike, Gothamist knew that we were biking to work. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, we have a short commute and a bike. During our brief commute in Brooklyn, Gothamist didn't see many fellow cyclists, but those that we did see were bundled up. For good reason too, it's cold out there! We were so bundled (sweatpants under our jeans, lots of windstopper fleece), however, that we started to sweat. We're not looking forward to tonight though when there's no sun to help keep us warm.

The amount of traffic we saw this morning in Brooklyn actually seemed to be more than normal - including backups on the BQE. While watching the news this morning, it didn't look like there were many cars south of the NYPD checkpoints at 96th St, which might make commuting via bicycle a breeze. In SoHo, above, there were cones dividing the bike lanes and regular traffic.

And there's plenty of information for cyclists from Transportation Alternatives. So for those of you who rode your bicycle to work, how was it? And are your office buildings letting you in with your bikes?