On Monday night, two skateboarding male models who happened to be rolling through Central Park were in the "right place at the right time" and managed to help save seven teenagers who fell through a frozen pond. The two men got into the water as the teens cried for help—good-looking Samaritan Bennett Jonas, 23, explains, "I knew the only way they were getting out is if someone got in to get them."

The group of teens walked onto the ice—which was about two to three inches thick in the unseasonably warm weather—to take a selfie on a pond in the southeast corner of the park. Ethan Turnbull, 24, explained, "I said to Bennett, ‘Look, man, there’s some kids over there on the ice.' Within the time it took me to say that to Bennett and look back, the ice had actually broken because they came together to take a photo."

This video, taken by a tourist, shows the teens venturing onto the ice—and then the frenzy after they fell in, with photos of the rescue :

Turbull told the Post, "The kids were climbing over one another trying to keep their mouths above water and it was just a matter of dragging them as fast ashore as humanly possible." Jonas said, "I had to swim out… it was too deep. I didn’t feel my feet on the ground. I grabbed a backpack and a jacket and thankfully they were still attached to them… we didn’t know if they were or alive or not. One of them was foaming at the mouth and his whole body was shaking violently."

Jonas and Turnbull also appeared on Good Morning, America, and Jonas confessed, "The only time I was really scared was as I was entering the water … it was chaotic. They were pulling each other under [and] just knowing you’re heading into the middle of that and they’re trying to get out as much as you’re trying to get them out."

Six of the teens were treated for hypothermia. The FDNY sent divers into the pond for an hour to make sure the water was clear of victims.

The pair have been humble in their appreciation of praise they've received; Turnbull said on an Instagram post, "Nothing could have prepared @bennett_jonas and I for the events that would unfold. We must take this opportunity to thank all the firefighters and rescue services who do what we did on a daily basis." And here's a post from Jonas: