Have you always dreamt of feeling the wind rake your hair as you totter along on an exceedingly heavy (but sturdy!) blue Citi Bike, but recoil at the $10 it costs for a 24-hour pass? Well! Citi Bike will be free all day Thursday, in honor of Bike to Work Week. (As long as you're willing to fork over your credit card information, and be sure not to go over the very strict time limit.)

From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., Citi Bike will be made a free ride thanks to Switzerland Tourism, which is underwriting the costs, for some reason.

Does this mean Citi Bike's racks will all be summarily unlocked, enabling riders to finally pedal all the way to upstate New York without worrying about the pesky 30-minute time limit? No dice. Riders, who are required to enter their credit card information into the kiosk before taking a bike, will still be penalized for returning it late.

Why does Switzerland care if New Yorkers bike for free? Because Switzerland is an idyll, model bike country, with 5,600 miles of cycling routes and 2,800 bike trails, and they think we need their help.

"Switzerland is the place to go for anyone who wants to swap NYC's high-rise buildings for stunning mountain scenery and city bike lanes for well-marked cycling and mountain bike routes which crisscross a land full of surprises," according to a press release. So this is just a cheap bid to lure New Yorkers away from the pollution, packed subways, expensive iced coffees and rat reservoirs for...what? clean mountain air? A healthy lifestyle? Screw you, Switzerland. Biking to work behind an overflowing garbage truck may be shaving years off our lives, but at least we have...Central Park?

But yeah we'll still take the free ride, though. Thanks!