Yes, Rick Sanchez was on Good Morning, America yesterday, giving his first post-"Jon Stewart is a bigot" interview to George Stephanopoulos. But Sanchez, who posited that Jews controlled the media in a controversial radio interview that was followed by his firing from CNN, later trotted out some Yiddish during an interview with Inside Edition's Deborah Norville. He revealed that during his apology to Stewart, he tried to apologize multiple times, but Stewart told him "enough." Sanchez said, "That guy is a real mensch."

On Good Morning, America, Sanchez also said that Stewart explained why repeatedly poked fun at Sanchez's segments on The Daily Show: "He said ‘Because you’re the one I like. You’re the one I like.’ I mean the guy has been so good... I learned later that he is the classiest guy in the world when I called him and I’m the one who needs to be in trouble."

Sanchez blamed his ill-advised remarks on being tired (working 14-hour days), wanting to go to his daughter's softball game, plus being sensitive about the lack of diversity in broadcast news, "I externalized the problem and I put it on Jon Stewart’s shoulders and I was wrong to do that." He also said to Inside Edition, "I just screwed up. I just mangled it. I mangled the words and I allowed myself to get into an argument with my interviewer that took me in an area that allowed me to say some things I didn’t even mean -- comments that don’t represent who I am," and agreed that CNN should have fired him, "I made the mistake. They didn’t make the mistake. I made the mistake and I deserve whatever it is that comes with it."

On the upside for Sanchez, CNN's new president Jeff Bewkes said the network would consider rehiring him.